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What is in St Lucia?

St Lucia Lodge is situated in the heart of St Lucia, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa and is surrounded by the iSimangaliso Wetland Park and on the banks of the ever picturesque St Lucia Estuary. St Lucia is a small town but there is plenty of events and activities happening all year round to make it a holiday to remember. There are plenty of restaurants, shopping stores and centers to stock up on souvenirs and presents to take back home with you, our particular favorite is the naturally carved Annona Glabra fruit, commonly known by the locals as Monkey Apple, that's turned into candle holders that can be hung anywhere in your home.

St Lucia Lodge is placed in middle of this culturally diverse town that offers plenty of rich heritage and traditions that give you the true essence of South Africa, with a short drive away to the local villages, to go a village tour to experience first hand the cultural heritage of St Lucia or to the iSimanagaliso Wetland Park to visit the game reserve on a safari adventure.

St Lucia Lodge has a lot to offer and we strive to keep you in comfort and luxury at affordable rates and prices to make the most out of your holiday, being a 3 star Lodge we aim to provide you with the best service and information possible. We have the option of booking Safari and Boat Cruises up the St Lucia Estuary right from the reception desk to make things a little easier.

As we put emphasis on the environment and ecology of St Lucia. We as St Lucia Lodge do our part too in preserving the environment by making the lodge as Eco friendly as possible. The steps we have taken to become Eco-friendly and become recognized as an eco lodge is our water supply comes directly from the ground is purified to provide fresh water, therefore not relying on the local water supply. To further our efforts of being green and Eco-friendly we have installed our own generators to cut back on the reliance on fossil fuels and move towards a more self sustaining lodge.

St Lucia is a destination in Africa like you have never seen, with so many cultures, rich heritage and biomes all co-exciting harmoniously and worth a visit of a life time.

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